Astronomers Spot Oldest Known Star

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An international team of astronomers has made a groundbreaking discovery—the identification of the oldest star known to humankind. Remarkably, this star surpasses the age of our solar system by more than twice. The newfound celestial entity, named Kepler-444, is accompanied by a system of five planets akin in size to Mercury and Venus. However, their proximity to the star renders them inhospitable for potential habitation.

The research, detailed in the Astrophysical Journal, suggests that Kepler-444's solar system originated approximately 11.2 billion years ago, placing it in the proximity of the universe's early stages, which commenced 13.8 billion years ago. In stark contrast, our solar system is relatively youthful, dating back around 4.5 billion years.

This astronomical revelation stemmed from the meticulous observation by NASA's Kepler planet-hunting spacecraft over a four-year period. Kepler-444 is located in the Lyre constellation. The collaborative effort involved astronomers from Europe, Australia, and the United States.


1- What is the primary focus of the research detailed in the Astrophysical Journal?

2- How many years ago is the proposed origin of Kepler-444's solar system?

3- Which constellation is Kepler-444 located in?


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