Bluetooth The Unusual History of a Name

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Bluetooth is a cool way for our gadgets to talk to each other without wires. But did you know where the name comes from? Well, it's a bit of an interesting story. It's named after a king from a long time ago named Harald Bluetooth. He was a Danish king who lived over a thousand years ago. They called him "Bluetooth" because one of his teeth looked a little blue. Strange, right?

Now, in the 1990s, some smart people wanted to connect different devices using this new technology. They needed a name, and a guy named Jim Kardach suggested "Bluetooth." Why? Because King Harald Bluetooth united Denmark, and they wanted to unite different products. It became a famous name around the world, and even the Bluetooth symbol comes from King Harald's initials!


1- Why is Bluetooth named "Bluetooth," according to the text?

2- Who suggested the name "Bluetooth" for the wireless technology?

3- What historical significance is associated with King Harald Gormsson?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

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