Study Dust from Sahara Helped Form Bahama Islands

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The Sahara Desert and a Caribbean island are linked, says a study from the University of Miami. The desert's dusty wind, filled with iron, traveled 8,000 kilometers across the Atlantic. This dust fed special bacteria, creating calcium carbonate to build the Bahama islands in the past 100 million years. Peter Swart, a marine geologist, led the research. They discovered lots of Sahara sand elements in the sea floor near the Great Bahama Bank. Tiny living things called cyanobacteria, needing a lot of iron, played a big role. They used this iron to make calcium carbonate, forming the islands.


1- What university conducted the study mentioned in the text?

2- How far did the Sahara Desert's dusty wind travel across the Atlantic?

3- What did the cyanobacteria use the iron for?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

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