Study Says Reading Fiction Helps Us Understand Others

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Recent research from the United States delves into the impact of reading fiction, specifically literary fiction, during adolescence on individuals' cognitive and social development. Literary fiction, distinguished by its exploration of human lives and societal issues, appears to offer substantial benefits. The study, comprising four surveys involving over 5,000 participants, reveals intriguing findings. Increased exposure to literary fiction during youth correlated with greater psychological richness, characterized by an open-minded and wisdom-seeking approach to life. University students who read literary fiction demonstrated a decreased likelihood to unquestionably accept authority. Additionally, the act of reading any fiction during adolescence contributed to the development of perspective and empathy. Notably, the influence of literary fiction on a complex worldview was more pronounced when exposure occurred during youth rather than in adulthood, emphasizing the formative role of reading in shaping cognitive and social perspectives. The researchers argue that fiction, particularly literary fiction, serves as a valuable tool in fostering an understanding of the complexities inherent in the world and nurturing skills necessary for coexisting in diverse democratic societies.


1- What is the focus of the recent research from the United States?

2- According to the study, what does literary fiction explore?

3- When is the influence of literary fiction on a complex worldview more pronounced, according to the research?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Engoo Daily News.