Study Why We Learn Faster As Children

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Some people think kids learn faster than adults because they have more time and aren't afraid of mistakes. But there are also differences in their brains. When babies are born, their brains have few connections between neurons. As they grow, experiences shape these connections. For example, hearing more speech strengthens speech connections. In the first few years, babies form over 1 million connections per second.

Even as kids get older, their brains have advantages. A study at Brown University and the University of Regensburg looked at a chemical called GABA in children and adults' brains. GABA helps stabilize learning by preventing new information from interfering. Kids' brains showed a sudden rise in GABA while learning, helping them stabilize what they learned quickly. Adults' GABA levels didn't change, and their learning stayed fragile for a while.


1- According to the text, why do some people think kids learn faster than adults?

2- What happens to the connections between neurons in a baby's brain as they grow?

3- How many connections per second do babies form in their early years, according to the text?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Engoo Daily News..