ChatGPT Helps Man Launch Business in 24 Hours

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Jackson Greathouse Fall successfully launched a business within 24 hours with the help of ChatGPT, the latest version of an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. On March 15, 2023, Fall allocated a budget of $100 to the AI, nicknamed "HustleGPT," with the task of maximizing returns in the shortest time frame. Fall committed to following the AI's suggestions as long as they were legal and didn't involve physical work. Following HustleGPT's guidance, Fall first purchased a cost-effective internet domain and hosting plan for under $40.

HustleGPT played a pivotal role in establishing Green Gadget Guru, an affiliate marketing website focused on sustainable products. The AI not only crafted the website's code but also utilized Dall-E, another AI bot, to generate the logo. Fall, under the guidance of HustleGPT, invested $40 in marketing on Facebook and Instagram. By the end of the day, he claimed to have received $500 from investors. Three days later, Fall reported that the AI-driven initiative had enabled him to hire employees for Green Gadget Guru.

The success story inspired others to explore business ideas using ChatGPT, with several individuals sharing their experiences on Twitter under the hashtag "HustleGPT." However, some skepticism has been raised, particularly regarding the functionality of the site and the unusual scenario of a chatbot purportedly hiring humans for content creation. There are doubts about the actual success of Green Gadget Guru, with questions raised about the accuracy of Fall's claims.


1- What was the nickname given to the AI chatbot that helped Jackson start a business?

2- What did Jackson do with the $40 he spent on advertising?

3- What raised skepticism about the success of Green Gadget Guru?


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Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Engoo Daily News.