Google Pays Non-Employee $250,000 by Mistake

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A peculiar incident unfolded in the US as Sam Curry, a staff security engineer at Yuga Labs, found himself on the receiving end of an unexpected windfall — a payment of nearly $250,000 from Google, a company with which he does not have an employment relationship. Curry, who occasionally conducts security work for various companies, including Google, brought attention to the anomaly by sharing a transaction image on Twitter. Despite making efforts to contact Google about the seemingly erroneous payment, Curry received no response after three weeks.

Expressing bewilderment at the substantial sum sent by Google, Curry opted not to spend any of the money, keeping it in his account in anticipation of a resolution. He speculated that the transaction might be a mistake, raising questions about the rationale behind such a significant payment, even considering his prior engagements with the company. While Curry expressed willingness to return the funds, he hinted at a potential necessity to move the money to another account if Google failed to respond promptly, citing tax considerations.

In response to inquiries from NPR, a Google representative acknowledged the mistake, assuring that the company was actively working to rectify the situation.


1- What role does Sam Curry play at Yuga Labs?

2- How did Sam Curry bring attention to the unexpected payment from Google?

3- What did Google acknowledge in response to inquiries from NPR?


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Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Engoo Daily News.