Hair and Teeth Turkey’s Growing Medical Tourism Industry

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Turkey is becoming a popular place for people to go for medical reasons, like getting new hair or teeth. The country is known for its good medical services.

A famous musician, Akon, recently went to Turkey to get more hair. He said Turkey is known for two things — hair and teeth. Many people from different countries go to Turkey for health care. In 2021, over 670,000 people visited Turkey for medical reasons, and it was worth over $1.7 billion.

People often choose Turkey for cosmetic treatments because it's less expensive. Akon said his hair procedure cost $7,500 in Turkey, but it would have been almost $50,000 in the US. Many cosmetic procedures in Turkey are about half the price compared to the UK or US.

Some popular services for people from other countries in Turkey include women's health, internal medicine, eye care, and cosmetic treatments. However, it's important to know that all surgeries, including cosmetic ones, have risks. Flying soon after surgery can also increase risks.


1- Why did Akon recently visit Turkey?

2- What two things did Akon mention Turkey is known for?

3- In 2021, how many people visited Turkey for medical reasons?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Engoo Daily News.