Meet Sierra A Supercomputer in America

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In the heart of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sierra stands as the world's second most powerful supercomputer. Spanning an impressive 7,000 square feet, Sierra has been operational since 2018, dedicated to tasks that require immense computational power. Recently, an official dedication event shed light on Sierra's capabilities, showcasing its role in modeling earthquakes, simulating cancer, and investigating traumatic brain injuries.

A distinctive feature of Sierra is its imminent transition into an "air-gapped" mode, meaning it will be isolated from the internet. This shift signifies a change in Sierra's focus, as it prepares to undertake a classified mission. Sierra's primary objective will be to assist the United States in addressing challenges related to its aging nuclear weapons stockpile. With no option for live testing, Sierra will use simulations to predict how these weapons may perform and whether they remain reliable over time.


1- Where is Sierra located, making it the world's second most powerful supercomputer?

2- What significant change is Sierra undergoing, indicating a shift in its focus?

3- What is Sierra's upcoming classified mission primarily focused on?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Verge Science.