Why a 'Good Enough' Job Beats a 'Perfect' Job

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Simone Stolzoff, the author of "The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work," challenges the conventional practice of asking children about their future career aspirations. He suggests that posing the question of what one wants to be when they grow up may unintentionally prioritize the concept of a "dream job" as life's ultimate objective. Stolzoff draws from personal experience, recounting his diverse professional journey in technology, advertising, and journalism during his 20s, driven by the quest to find a job that would shape his identity.

Contrary to the prevailing belief, Stolzoff argues that jobs are not inherently designed to impart meaning to our lives. He underscores the pervasive culture in the US, urging individuals not only to excel professionally but also to extend this competitive drive into leisure activities. Having departed from his role as a designer in 2022 to complete his book, Stolzoff challenges the pursuit of the elusive "perfect" job. Instead, he advocates for individuals to identify a job that is "good enough" to align with the life they desire, considering elements such as salary, industry, schedule, or title.


1- According to Simone Stolzoff, what unintended consequence may arise from asking children about their future careers?

2- What is the prevailing culture in the US that Stolzoff criticizes in his book?

3- What does Simone Stolzoff suggest individuals should look for in a job?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

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