The Brain's Response to Beliefs Intelligence and Performance Connection

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A recent study conducted by researchers at Michigan State University delves into the impact of beliefs about intelligence on performance. Led by Hans Schroder, the investigation reveals that people's views on whether intelligence is mostly genetic or a result of hard work can influence their brain activity and subsequent performance.

Participants in the study were divided into two groups. One group read an article emphasizing the genetic aspect of intelligence, while the other group learned about how challenging environments contribute to the intelligence of individuals like Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein.

After reading the articles, researchers observed brain activity as participants answered questions about what they had read. The findings, published in Biological Psychology, indicate that subtle messages about intelligence significantly affect attitudes and performance.

Those who were informed that intelligence is genetic concentrated on doing well on the test, but this focus did not lead to improved performance in later sessions. On the contrary, the group informed about the importance of hard work showed a more efficient brain response, especially after making a mistake. This suggests that they believed in their ability to improve and performed better in subsequent tasks by paying more attention to errors.


1- Which one of them is one of the subject that participants in the study read about?

2- After being informed about the importance of hard work, how did the group perform after making a mistake?

3- Where were the study findings published?


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