Satellites Discover Amazon’s Isolated Tribes

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In a bid to understand and protect isolated Amazon tribes, scientists are turning to satellite images instead of invasive, low-flying aircraft. This change is crucial as the aircraft can disturb tribes unaccustomed to modern technology.

By analyzing satellite images with a 50-centimeter resolution taken over several years, Brazilian authorities identified five previously unknown villages along the Envira River. These tribes live a subsistence lifestyle, relying on farming and hunting in the dense forest. However, their isolation is under threat from illegal loggers and cocaine traffickers who continually shift their activities deeper into the jungle to evade authorities.

Apart from the physical threat, scientists are concerned about the tribes' exposure to germs from the outside world, to which they have no immunity. This interaction could pose severe risks to their health.


1- Why have scientists shifted from using low-flying aircraft to satellites in studying isolated tribes?

2- What did Brazilian authorities discover along the Envira River using satellite images?

3- What is the primary concern of scientists regarding the isolated tribes' health?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Voice of America.