Satellites Discover Amazon’s Isolated Tribes

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Employing advanced satellite technology, scientists are revolutionizing their approach to studying isolated Amazon tribes residing along the Peru-Brazil border. Rather than relying on invasive low-flying aircraft, which may distress tribes unfamiliar with modern technology, researchers are harnessing the capabilities of satellite cameras with a 50-centimeter resolution.

By scrutinizing images captured over an extended period, Brazilian authorities made a noteworthy discovery of five previously unknown villages along the Envira River. These tribes, leading a subsistence lifestyle based on agriculture and hunting in the dense forest, have deliberately distanced themselves from the outside world. However, their seclusion faces a grave threat from illegal loggers and cocaine traffickers continually relocating their activities deeper into the jungle to evade authorities.

Beyond the immediate physical peril, scientists express profound concerns about potential health risks. Contact with the outside world, particularly with germs to which the tribes lack immunity, poses a serious threat to their well-being. This underscores the delicate balance between preserving the tribes' isolation and the imperative to shield them from external threats.


1- How are scientists leveraging technology to study isolated Amazon tribes?

2- What is the significant discovery made by Brazilian authorities using satellite images?

3- Besides physical threats, what is the major concern for scientists regarding the isolated tribes?


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Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Voice of America.