30 Minutes of Muscle Training Can Lower Risk of Death

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New research from Japan suggests that dedicating 30 to 60 minutes per week to muscle-strengthening exercises can significantly lower the risk of early death. Muscle-strengthening exercises encompass activities like push-ups, yoga, and stair climbing. The study analyzed data from 16 previously conducted studies involving 4,000 to 480,000 adult participants from the US, England, Scotland, Australia, and Japan. Participants, initially in good health, were monitored for a minimum of two years.

Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the results indicate a notable 10% to 20% reduction in the risk of early death from all causes among individuals engaging in 30 to 60 minutes of strength or weight training per week. This exercise regimen also demonstrated a comparable reduction in the risks of heart disease and cancer. Interestingly, those incorporating a combination of muscle training and aerobic activity experienced a more substantial decrease in the risk of death from all causes (40%), heart disease (46%), and cancer (28%).

The study revealed diminishing positive health effects after exceeding 130 to 140 minutes of muscle training, with discernible impacts primarily related to diabetes. Professor William Roberts from the University of Minnesota, not affiliated with the study, highlighted the significance of the results for individuals seeking health improvements within time constraints, as reported by CNN.


1- What combination of exercises did individuals who experienced a more substantial decrease in the risk of death engage in?

2- What did the study reveal about the risks of heart disease and cancer for those combining muscle training with aerobic activity?

3- What did Professor William Roberts emphasize about the study's results?


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