Backpacking Guide How Light Can You Travel

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Going on a backpacking trip? Here's what you need to think about. First, how long will you be gone? If it's more than a few days, plan to wash your clothes. Skip heavy jeans, they take a long time to dry. Next, what kind of trip is it? For city-hopping with planes and buses, get a big backpack for your main stuff and a smaller one for daytime exploring. But if it's a long hike, one big backpack for a tent, food, and a small stove is enough. Make sure it's comfy! Now, what's the weather like? If you're not sure, pack for sun and rain, and warm and cool days. Bring multi-use clothes. A small jacket is handy in summer. If it's a short trip and you know the weather, only bring what you need to keep your bag light!


1- What is the advice regarding heavy jeans for a backpacking trip?

2- What is the recommendation for clothing on a short trip with known weather?

3- What is suggested for a backpacking trip involving planes and buses?


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