Backpacking Guide How Light Can You Travel

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Embarking on a backpacking adventure? Consider these tips for efficient packing. Firstly, assess the duration of your trip. For extended journeys, plan for laundry stops and avoid heavy jeans, which dry slowly. Secondly, identify the nature of your trip. City-hopping with various modes of transport may require a larger main backpack and a smaller one for daily explorations. Conversely, a long-distance hike might necessitate a single, spacious backpack for essentials like a tent, food, and a compact stove, prioritizing comfort. Additionally, anticipate the weather conditions. If uncertain, pack versatile clothing suitable for both sunny and rainy days, as well as varying temperatures. A portable jacket proves useful in summer. For short, well-known trips, streamline your packing by excluding unnecessary items to reduce the weight of your bag.


1- What is the advice for extended backpacking journeys regarding clothing?

2- What does the passage recommend for versatile clothing in uncertain weather?

3- What is emphasized for a prolonged hiking adventure in terms of backpacks?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article Engoo Daily News.