Family Rescued from Outback After Bad Google Directions

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A family got lost in the Australian outback because Google Maps gave them the wrong directions. Darian Aspinall, 27, was traveling with her two kids and their grandmother. They were going to Adelaide from Queensland. Police got a report on August 8, 2022, saying the family was missing. They were supposed to stay in Packsaddle but didn't reach there.

The family was last seen on August 7. They had little water and some candy. Google Maps led them to a dirt road, and their car got stuck. They had no phone signal to call for help. They walked for four hours but went back to the car. They stayed two nights, using car seat covers to keep warm. When water ran out, they drank dirty water. A helicopter found them, and they were rescued. After going to the hospital, they continued to Adelaide the next day.


1- Why did the family get lost in the Australian outback?

2- What was the family's intended destination?

3- How did the family keep warm during the two nights they were stuck?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article by Jenny Whelan.