Family Rescued from Outback After Bad Google Directions

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A family's road trip from Queensland to Adelaide turned perilous when Google Maps, allegedly providing inaccurate directions, led them astray in the vast Australian outback. Darian Aspinall, 27, accompanied by her two toddlers and their 50-year-old grandmother, set out on a journey that took an alarming turn.

The family, expected in Packsaddle, New South Wales, on August 8, was reported missing after failing to reach their destination. Last seen on August 7, equipped with meager supplies of water and candy, the family deviated from the correct route onto a dirt road, resulting in their vehicle becoming stuck. The absence of phone signal rendered their attempts to seek help futile.

Enduring a challenging ordeal, including a four-hour walk and two nights spent in the car with improvised warmth from car seat covers, the family's situation worsened as their water supply depleted. Resorting to drinking contaminated water found on the ground, the family faced a dire situation. Darian Aspinall recounted her apprehensions, expressing, "I honestly thought we were going to die."

Their rescue came when a helicopter, deployed in the search operation, spotted them. Following medical attention, the family, undeterred by the traumatic experience, resumed their journey to Adelaide the subsequent day.


1- What was the family's emotional state during the ordeal?

2- How did Darian Aspinall feel about the situation?

3- What did the family do after being rescued?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article by Jenny Whelan.