Spain's Tomato-Throwing Festival Returns

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After two years of cancellation due to the coronavirus pandemic, Spain's renowned "Tomatina" tomato fight made a triumphant return on August 31. Thousands of participants from across the globe gathered in the eastern town of Bunol to engage in the lively tradition, which involves hurling over-ripe tomatoes at one another.

Trucks brought in a staggering 130 tons of tomatoes for the event. Approximately 20,000 individuals, each paying $12 for a ticket, actively participated. To shield themselves from the flying tomatoes, many attendees donned swimming goggles, leaving the rest of their bodies and clothing covered in tomato debris.

The festival, held on the last Wednesday of August, originated from a food fight among local children in 1945. The media's coverage in the 1980s transformed it into a national and international spectacle, drawing visitors from around the world. This year's celebration marked the event's 75th anniversary and commemorated 20 years since Spain elevated it to an international tourism attraction.


1- What protective gear did many participants wear during the "Tomatina" festival?

2- What marked the return of the "Tomatina" festival this year?

3- When did the "Tomatina" festival gain international prominence?


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Parts of this lesson are based on: An article by Alicia León.