The Island of the Gods What to Do in Bali

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Bali, often hailed as the "island of the gods" among Indonesia's vast archipelago, stands as a destination rich in diverse attractions, making it an essential visit.

The extensive coastline of Bali, spanning hundreds of kilometers, unveils a tapestry of stunning beaches catering to various interests. From the vibrant surfing scenes of Canggu and Kuta to the immersive diving experiences off Amed or Candidasa, Bali offers a spectrum of water-based activities. Uluwatu's Bingin Beach, with its inviting waters, adds to the coastal allure.

Bali's cultural landscape is punctuated by an impressive array of temples, earning it the moniker "the land of a thousand temples" with over 20,000 scattered across the island. Ubud, a cultural hub, stands out for hosting some of the oldest and most revered temples. Explore the 8th-century Gunung Lebah Temple or engage with the lively Monkey Forest Sanctuary, featuring three temples and a resident population of over 600 monkeys. Ubud further offers cultural immersion through traditional Balinese dance shows at Ubud Palace, evoking the tranquility depicted in Julia Roberts' cinematic journey in Eat Pray Love.

For those seeking exploration beyond Bali's main island, island-hopping options abound. Nusa Penida, celebrated for the captivating Kelingking Beach, lies a short boat ride away. Meanwhile, Gili Air, a car-free island with pristine white-sand beaches, beckons as a serene haven for relaxation.


1- What does Bali's coastline offer in terms of water-based activities?

2- Which temple in Ubud is mentioned as being from the 8th century?

3- What cinematic journey is referenced in relation to Ubud's cultural ambiance?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

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