I Hear You What Is Reflective Listening

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Effective listening involves more than just staying quiet; it includes actively demonstrating your attention. "Reflective listening" is a communication skill that achieves this by repeating back what the other person said. Two main techniques are employed in reflective listening. The first is "paraphrasing," where you rephrase the speaker's words in your own language. For instance, if a friend expresses feeling stressed due to a lack of time for house cleaning and an upcoming test, you might respond, "It sounds like you're overwhelmed because you don't feel prepared for your test." The second technique, "mirroring," involves repeating the essential elements of the speaker's words verbatim. Reflective listening not only signals active engagement but also demonstrates understanding and empathy, fostering a deeper connection.


1- What does "mirroring" involve in reflective listening?

2- How might you respond using "paraphrasing" in reflective listening if a friend is stressed about a messy house and an upcoming test?

3- What does reflective listening demonstrate besides active engagement?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

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