Divorce 6 Times More Likely for Couples Who Meet Online

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A new survey in the UK found that married couples who meet online are more likely to divorce than those who meet through friends and family. The survey asked over 2,000 adults about their marriages. For people who got married after 2000, 12% of those who met online divorced in the first three years, while only 2% of those who met through friends and family did. The author of the survey suggests that couples who meet online might not know enough about each other's long-term character because they don't have advice from friends and family. However, as time passes, the divorce rates change. For couples who got married 10 or more years ago, those who met through work had the highest divorce rate at 24%.


1- What does the recent survey in the UK reveal about married couples who met online?

2- What is the suggested reason for the higher divorce rate among couples who met online?

3- Among couples married for 10 or more years, which group had the highest divorce rate according to the survey?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article by Karen Turtle.