Eating Fruit Could Improve Mental Health

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Experts say eating fruits and vegetables is good for our bodies. Now, scientists found that eating fruit more often is also good for our minds. Psychologists at Aston University in the UK studied 428 adults. They asked about their diet and mental health. The more people ate fruit, the less they felt sad, and the happier they felt. Eating snacks like potato chips made people feel more sad, the researchers said. They found that how often people eat fruit is more important for mental health than how much fruit they eat. Eating vegetables did not show the same connection to mental health. The researchers also said people who eat a lot of snacks are more likely to make small mistakes in daily tasks.


1- What did psychologists at Aston University study in relation to mental health?

2- According to the study, how does the frequency of fruit consumption relate to mental health?

3- What did the researchers find about the connection between vegetable intake and mental health?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article by Bill Smith.