How 'Quiet Hiring' Is Saving Companies Money

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Consultancy firm Gartner has introduced the concept of "quiet hiring" as one of its workplace predictions for 2023. This strategy involves acquiring new skills within the organization without the need for external hiring. In essence, it includes upskilling existing employees, expanding their roles, or hiring temporary workers for specific tasks. While this approach can benefit both employees and the company—employees gain new skills and potentially a salary increase, and the company gains a more skilled workforce—experts warn that it could also be misused. There's a concern that quiet hiring might be used to cut costs without adequately rewarding employees or to assign more challenging tasks without appropriate compensation.


1- How do employees potentially benefit from "quiet hiring" in terms of their skills?

2- What is the concern expressed in the passage regarding the misuse of "quiet hiring"?

3- In the context of "quiet hiring," what does the passage suggest could be a potential downside for companies?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

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