Why Saffron Is One of the World's Most Expensive Spices

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Saffron, a versatile spice used in cuisines worldwide, from Europe and the Middle East to India, is renowned for its high price tag, reaching up to $3,000 per kilogram, as reported by Business Insider. The elevated cost of saffron can be attributed to various factors, starting with its limited geographical cultivation.

Crocus sativus, a purple flower, is the source of saffron threads, the essence of the spice. Harvesting these delicate threads is a labor-intensive process, requiring manual picking due to their fragility. With only three threads in each flower, obtaining a single kilogram of saffron may necessitate harvesting from as many as 150,000 flowers.

Historically, saffron's demand has been substantial, to the extent that it triggered conflicts. In the 14th century, the lucrative saffron trade led to the "Saffron War." The aristocracy, displeased with the wealth amassed by saffron merchants, attempted to halt their success by stealing a shipment of saffron, resulting in a three-month-long conflict as merchants sought to recover their goods.


1- What triggered the "Saffron War" in the 14th century?

2- Why is harvesting saffron threads labor-intensive?

3- How many saffron threads does each flower have?


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Parts of this lesson are based on: An article by Engoo Daily News.