World's Heaviest Strawberry

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A massive strawberry from Israel has claimed its spot in the record books as the world's heaviest, weighing an impressive 289 grams, according to Guinness World Records. The record-breaking fruit, a variety known as Ilan, was cultivated on Chahi Ariel's family farm near Netanya in central Israel in February 2021. The confirmation of its record status came after a year-long anticipation.

The unusually cold weather in early 2021 contributed to the strawberry's slow and substantial growth. Despite Ilan strawberries typically reaching significant sizes, this particular one exceeded expectations by weighing approximately five times more than the usual Ilan berries. Remarkably, it shrank to about half its original size over the year.

Chahi Ariel expressed his joy upon receiving the news, stating that the strawberry had been kept in the freezer for a year, losing some of its visual appeal. Nevertheless, the achievement brought immense happiness, with Ariel celebrating the farm's inclusion in the prestigious Guinness World Records. The previous record-holder, a Japanese strawberry from 2015, weighed 250 grams.


1- What contributed to the slow and substantial growth of the world's heaviest strawberry?

2- How much did the world's previous heaviest strawberry weigh?

3- Where is Chahi Ariel's family farm located?


You have completed the comprehension questions. 

Parts of this lesson are based on: An article by Engoo Daily News.